Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Ironman Happy Ending

Ironman Lake Placid 2009

Race report to follow. For now,
I'm going to DisneyWorld.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

you may have been wondering...

You may have been wondering about me, my training and the status of this blog. (Maybe not ;) )

Some time back I started a series of posts on dietary cleansing and ayurvedic eating, never finished. Stopped blogging on my training status. Haven't been logging much on Buckeye. Raced Tupper Lake "Sprint", did Lake Placid camp, but never blogged on it.

Now with 10 days to race day, I feel i need to put my affairs in order. Gees that sounds a little ominous. But no time like the present. And I am thinking I will certainly be blogging my race report and remainder of season, so it'd be good to tie up some loose ends here.

There will be more to come in the next few days. Let me start by addressing the training issue, and my readiness. Due to some unanticipated personal and health issues, I virtually started my taper in February. I have done some long rides, and I am most comfortable thinning about the 112 mile bike leg. I haven't swam more than a dozen times since last October. I am pretty confident I can make the swim cutoff, that's my goal. My longest run this year has been about 10 miles. I have done some 5K and 10K races, one hilly 15k in March, and I have gotten faster, but I am not sure how my body holds up for a whole marathon.

In short, I am overweight and under trained. Yipee, here we go!