Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pull my finger

Someone suggested I ask my massage therapist to pull my finger. Huh? Well then she directed me here and just told me to read it and be impressed (shut up).

Yes teacher.

Ok so I get it, and i have a series of appointments next week to work on my groin, and I will try this one of those days. A couple of thoughts:

1 Do not eat burrito the night before
2 Ask for finger pulling at the very end of the session.


Jamie said...

Haha. You said "work on my groin."

Philip LaVoie said...

too much to work with in this short post ram.

HolisticGuru said...

So.... how did the finger pulling go? Did it work? Is the laughing coming from your lg. intestine meridian or your lung meridian?

ramster said...

thats next week. whats with all the interest in my lower gi tract? not that theres anythign wrong with that