Thursday, August 21, 2008

Self Supported Montauk Olympic Distance Tri

Last weekend Jen and I drove out to Montauk to reacquaint ourselves with the Mighty Montauk Half Ironman course. I am registered for the Half, and Jen has been on the fence a bout whether or not she will pull the trigger and register. We planned to swim in the pond, and then do one loop each of the bike and run course (two loops for the 70.3)giving us an international distance course, a good swim-bike-run brick, and a measure of our fitness at this point in the season, preparing for that final peak and taper before October 5.

We arrived at the pond around 9:10. There is plenty of free parking by the soccer field as well as down toward the boat ramp. Good news, swimmers, a new concrete ramp has been installed, so you can hopefully avoid some of the ankle twisting boulders as you enter and exit the water.

We decided, since we didn't have any distance markings for the swim, to go about 15 minutes out and come back. I led the way out toward the big white hotel to the right. Sighting on the way out was not much of an issue, but we did have a slight wind blown chop into our faces, and i did notice one fishing boat seemed to be pushed back toward the ramp. We stopped, turned and returned toward the ramp, using the condominium towers to sight on. Nice swim, done in 22 minutes, probably around 1000 to 1250 yards.

A short walk up to the car for T1, which probably was a leisurely 15 minutes, no rushing.

We headed out on the bike, a somewhat challenging ride with some rollers, and beautiful scenery throughout, especially at the tops of the toughest climbs.

Crossing in front of the lighthouse a group of kids were crossing in the cross walk, and decided to play a little game of whack a mole with Jen. Step, stop, step, stop. She almost took one of them out. Seeing this, I decided not to play, and stopped to let them pass. The ride, for me, was pretty easy. I raced this course last year, and between lake placid and my recent bear mountain ride, these hills really did not cause any trouble. Jen did super too! Thanks, Jen for reminding me to drink. that's where i screwed the pooch on race day last year, making a note for this time. Bike done in 1:14, average 22.5 mph.

We had another relaxed transition, bikes on car and shoes changed and headed out for the run.

Jen wasn't feeling it, so I suggested we take the hills first. I like to do that in case we need to bail, at least we get some work in. The run course is challenging. With sections named "Murder Hill" and "The Pits", i think psychologically alot of people get whipped before they start. I have run this two loop course a bunch of times, enough to really look forward to the hills. And again, because of my hill training this year, you know.

Jen really wasn't feeling it. That, or else I make her physically ill with all my talk of ancient Indian science of life, food and eating, breathing through the nose, and probably other annoying stuff I cant remember. Anyway she headed back to the car, and I felt terrible leaving her, but i had to finish the run. So I hurried. Run done in 1:04, 10:32 pace.

Total time (without transitions) 2:40. I did the 70.3 last year in 7:13:54. Based on my times this day, I guess I could go out on a limb and predict something around 6:40. That would be a significant improvement over my current PR set at Tupper Lake TinMan this year, just under 7:00.

We had a dip in the pond, dried and changed in the public restrooms, and headed by car down to Duryeas Lobster Deck for Lobster Rolls. Then a quick stop for chocolate ice cream shakes, and the day was complete.Jen home by 5:00, me home in time to catch cake at the nephew's birthday party. Everybody happy!


Bill Risch said...

Tom, job well done on the self-supported!! It's a shame you won't be out there on the century ride sunday.......but I'm sure you'll see enough tweets about it.

Javier said...

Its amazing how training experience changes perceptions. Train with lots of hills, suddenly a previously hilly course is not so Hilly.

Great job in the self supported , and in your training.

On a side not I have decided to reserve my snide remark to a later date ;)

Jen said...

Had a great day! When do we get to do it again!!!!