Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Morning High Intensity Breakfast

My new Wednesday morning routine:

Wake 445AM, walk dog
Brief stretch
2 X 30 pushups
7 mile tempo run 10K pace +:20
4 sets of 10 pushups at mile 3, 4, 5, 6
Push hard last mile

I think I can keep this up every week right up to my A race, even during my taper. Maybe need to increase the intensity.

Thanks to Brian Mc Nitt , Coach Adam, Drew Holmes for providing the inspiration to start.

If you are interested in doing pushups for good core strength, health, positive mental attitude and self image, check out


Javier said...

So is that 40 Pushups at mile 3,4,5,6 each? making it 160? or is 4 sets of 10 atone each at mile 3,4,5,6 making it 40? Inquiring minds want to know!

ramster said...

Thanks for that question Jaview, you must be in quality assurance or something :) Its actualy one thing i have learnded so far from the 3 posts, i need to be clearer and more complete. Maybe take a little more time to allow posts to remain in draft status before pulling the publish trigger.

Anyway, it was a total of 40, or 4 sets of en, each set separated by a mile of running. Pace dropped about 5:00/mile immediately following, but i was able to pick it back up quickly.

I need to thinki about something to add in, besides push ups. maybe burpees? perhaps i could find a run course with some benches or steps and i could add plyo reps?