Sunday, November 30, 2008

Begin Off Season Training

Tomorrow, Monday December 1 , I begin 16 weeks Endurance Nation "Out Season" training.

The basic concepts on which EN bases their off season training:

  • Fitness is the ability to do work,
  • Improved fitness will naturally follow from doing more work,
  • To get faster you need to train faster,
  • Build 'go fast' now, add 'go far' later,
  • Rest and recovery are as important as work,
  • Measure for benchmark, set goals, work, remeasure to set new benchmark.

Week one looks like this:

Day off , listen to podcast and read off season plan overview
1 hour- bike time trial to establish functional power threshold
1 hour- bike time trial to establish heart rate threshold
20 minute run (easy)
1 hour-run 5k to establish heart rate threshold and vdot
1 hour bike, main set 2X6 minute 90-100%, remainder 85%
Day off
1 hour bike, main set 8 minute 95-100%, 5 minutes easy, 2x10 minutes 85%, remainder of hour 75-80%
45 minute run- 15 min warm up include 4x30 strides, main set 3x800 at threshold pace/zone 4 w/2 min recovery, 5 minute cool down

No swimming! There is no swimming anywhere on the out season plan. I will probably add 1 or 2 swims per week focusing on form/drills on easy/off days. I also plan to do daily core a al Grease The Groove, but will not start that until Iweek 2 or 3 depending on my Rolf series progress.

This first week work totals around 6 1/2 hours, and that's fairly representative for the next 16 weeks. Through March 2009 my main focus is marriage, family, keeping healthy, getting my business in order and getting all my soldiers in a row and ready to launch the main training block, in mid to late April.

I am excitied to see where my threshold numbers start, and to establish some meaningful and realistic goals for improvement.


Jen said...

Damn man, if that's your off season, my on season is totally weak!

Good Luck! You gonna post the results of your baseline tests?

ramster said...

definitely planning to post my benchmarks, goals and updates. you going to be up for some tempo runs?

Jamie said...

The EN plan seems really interesting. I'll be interested to see how it works out for you.

The plan that Brett has me on is a lot different, but it also has me training for an early half marathon, which is against the EN rules.

Definitely looking forward to seeing the benchmarks.

Javier said...

Interesting. This seems counter to the Build a "Huge" Base first theory. But maybe I am not getting the whole picture.

ramster said...

agreed, this is not 'conventional wisdom'. you might ask the question "How can running/riding slow help me to run/ride fast?" Anyway, we'll see how i look when i emerge from the pain cave in March.

Strouter said...

Good luck, Ramster!!