Sunday, December 7, 2008

End of Week One- Benchmarks and Goals

Just in from the track interval workout that closes week one of the Endurance Nation "out season" plan. 15 minute warm up with a few strides, then 3x800 at about 'threshold pace' on the East Meadow High School track. The inch of freshly fallen snow made for a little extra fun :) The groin pull is still present but i cant really call it painful, just present. I also noticed my foot falls seem more even. Some of this is from the rolf work i am sure.

The week started with a bike functional threshold time trial on the trainer. I screwed up and didn't push hard enough on the first try Tuesday morning, so redid the test Tuesday night. I don't recommend doing this, twice a day. 2x20' as hard as you you can sustain really sucks. Wednesday morning I could not get out to do a 5k run time trial, so i used the time from the 5 mile turkey trot a week earlier.

The values I developed from these first time trials will be used to set intensity levels for workout over the next 3 -4 weeks, until the next round of measurement. Looking at my numbers in relation to the others I see posted on the EN forum, I could easily become discouraged. I need to remind myself that the idea here is to improve my own performance over time, in relation to myself, not someone else's test scores. It is possible, come to think of it, that the fitness loss I have had with a 2 month lay off really sets me up for significant percentage improvements in a short period of time. Unintentional sandbagging.

Functional Threshold Power 164
Watts/ Kilogram 1.6
Threshold Heart Rate 137
(This is down from 187 and 1.9 on 9/1/08 measured on Bear Mountain Cent)

VDot 35
5 mile pace 8:53
(This is slighlty up from 33 measured 9/21/08 at Phillie Distance Run half marathon)

My weight is now 220 pounds, up 10 pounds since early October. I measured by body fat percentage last night using an online calculator. The tool uses weight, age and some body dimensions to estimate percent fat. I scored 26.6% (fat). Not sure how accurate the percent is, but the compnoent measurements were as follows:

waist (belly) 45
hips 43
forearm 12
wrist 7.5

That first measurement I think is key to my cycling efficiency also, as I am finding my knees are hitting my stomach and my chest is somewhat constricted in the aero position.

So i have some targets set for the next 15, and I will see how this first period goes.

FTP >190, w/kg >2
VDot >45
Weight 200
Stomach circumfrence 36"
Body Fat <20%

In addition to the running and cycling, I need to add some core work, which will be modeled on the "Grease your Groove" plan using sit ups, crunches and pull ups. Also need to keep focused on the healthy, clean diet, stretching and plenty of rest.

I do feel good this morning, legs a little tired, but feeling healthy and strong.


Rich Strauss said...


A few thoughts for you:

Not much value in comparing your numbers to someone else. Different PM's, different admin procedures, different body composition, etc. IOW, there are too many variables to reliably compare your 200w to another person's 200w. However, your 200w on Tues can be compared to your 200w on Thursday.

As a bigger guy, your FTP will come up quickly. I've seen this a lot over the years. You'll also see a big jump as you learn to pace these tests better.

You have a LOT to gain by improving the kg component of w/kg. Looks like you're thinking about this stuff, which is great. It's not always about getting stronger but also about improving body comp. Looks like you have some bike fit stuff bouncing around in your head as well, which is another great opportunity for you.

I wouldn't put much faith in an online body fat tool...though I admit I know nothing about it. Might be worth finding a dunk tank near you, get dunked early Jan, then repeat the test every quarter, using it as a goal similar to a race. Around here I can get tested at a community college for about $25/pop.

Good luck!

Rich Strauss
Endurance Nation

TriJD said...

Nice to see I have a Jack Daniel training brother. Love the whole VDOT self-sustaining feedback loop.

Going from a VDOT of 35 to 45, while improving your bike as well, is an epic goal. I did it for my run last year (from VDOT 36 in Nov07 to 45 in March08), by following JD's intermediate Red Plan. Wasn't cycling much though, just a bit of spinning.

I'll be following your progress!

SpeedySasquatch said...

That is a lot of numbers and stuff that make me question my future in this thing you guys call Tri. My weekend workout with Coach Adam was a little more than I bargained for: 11.5 mile run, 45-minute interval focused spin class (not helping me love the bike) and 45-minute core class.

You'll probably have better luck getting me on a bike than most, Mr. Rambonie! Keep on working, goals and records are meant to be smashed and surpassed and I know you'll get there!

~ SS