Monday, September 7, 2009

A lesson learned about lessons learned.

Now, 6 weeks after my first Ironman at Lake Placid, NY, I find I have still not begun my race report. It's particularly remarkable considering the achievement. I mean, if i could do Ironman, why cant i write a little race report? The fact that i finished in over 16 hours simply indicates I have a certain degree of determination and stamina, an ability to finish what I start.

And there's the lesson, which I learned so well On July 26, and which I apparently forgot already. The key to finishing is - beginning. And here's the other lesson. Use what you learn.

I will begin this race report and it will be in serial format. It will be in present tense, from the best of my recollection. I hope you enjoy my story as much as i enjoyed living it.

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