Saturday, December 27, 2008


Still don't know what I was waiting for,
And my time was running wild.
A million dead-end streets and,
Every time I thought Id got it made,
It seemed the taste was not so sweet.
So I turned myself to face me,
But Ive never caught a glimpse,
Of how the others must see the faker.
I'm much too fast to take that test.

"Changes", David Bowie

Did bike functional threshold test after 3 weeks interval training. virtually no gain in threshold power. Maybe lost 1 pound. I am told that improvement can appear at any time, it's not unusual to go several periods with no improvement, then see a big gain. so i keep trying.

I do feel strong and healthy. I wonder how much of my performance gains might turn out to be ability and willingness to work through pain.

One Rolf session to go. i feel so much more in balance, walking and running feel more natural. i can put my socks on while standing on one foot, cant remember the last time i did that. however, the pulled groin is still an issue.

Pulled the yoga DVD out yesterday before my brick. The hip opening, hamstring stretches, definitely helped. I will incorporate yoga into my daily routine.

Re Grease the Groove, i was a little surprised no one asked me how doing pullups would help me perform in an Ironman distance triathlon. Good question, in itself it might not be helpful. However, the upper body work will strengthen my core as well as shoulders and upper back. I think this helps with reducing my stomach size, help me to stay in aero on the bike, and add power to my swim stroke.

It's been hard staying with the daily Grease the Groove workout. My pull up equipment is in my office, so sundays and holidays i need to skip those days. In any case, my 2 minute max for the standing row went from 40 to 50 after 7 days of work. Still cant squeeze out a single pull up, but i am moving in the right direction.

I have not made hummus in a month, i have been buying store bought and eating plenty for lunch. I am gearing up to whip up a batch for new years eve. I am also preparing to romance the adzuki beans for some healthy salsa. I also need to do some testing with my sweet potato bread, tryng to reduce the oil and processed sugar I use. I think I'll post those recipes.

I am seriously considering going vegan, at least through the end of March.

Using buckeyeoutdoors, alongside training peaks, as an online workout log. feel free to take a look and comment of you wish, my user name there is ironnewman

Looking ahead to 2009, i will be looking back at some goals i had set for the coming year, back in mid 2008. I am also looking ahead to the 'on season' training plan from Endurance Nation. And holy shit there is a lot of work to come. And yes I am indeed racing Triple T and Ironman Lake Placid in 2009.

I need to get back to swimming. Will incorporate two days a week at the pool starting next week.

Listened to a podcast while out for my 3x1.5 (5' rest) @ half marathon pace run today, a talk by Daniel Bowling on Right Speech (download link). An interesting discussion on intention, and determining your intention 'thematically' versus 'circumstantially'. I highly recommend you listen to it. Youll also enjoy his charming, touching story about how he met his current wife :).

He also commented on the need we sometimes have to form an 'intelligent question', before we can ask one. What does that say about the theme we are living, that we need to know before we can ask? I like to say "There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers". Seriously. It's ok to ask, and not knowing is the default, and probably the most common for us as human beings.

I want to always remember that there is more of what i dont know than what I do. It's OK to wonder and question. No shame in saying 'I don't know'.

(turn and face the strain)
Dont want to be a richer man
(turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I cant trace time



EXTREME Ultimate Fucking Crackhead (EUFC) said...

Dude!!!! You need a place to stay at IMLP??? I have room in THE CRACKHOUSE!!! Actually, we have room for 1 or 2 more besides you. The cost is very reasonable, and you can walk into town, plus you'd be staying with me and Shelley!!!

Shoot me an email, dude!

HolisticGuru said...

Vegans don't eat honey or fish. Why would you do that? Let's not go to extremes.

Jen said...

Asking is always more important than answering. It's not what we don't know that gets us into trouble, it's what we don't know we don't know. By the time we know we don't know it, it's usually too late. This is true of self knowledge too.

The vegan life is a very noble and very challenging pursuit. Try it. You will know if it is for you. I haven't been able to get there yet. I have been very happy with my transition to being vegetarian and I feel really good on it.

BTW, I'm looking into the Aquafit swim program at the aquatic center, any interest?

ramster said...

Jen I actually was enrolled in aquafit through yesterday. i went to a i think three sessions before i got sick, never went back. kind of a wast of money i guess. the program seems good, if you are into workign with a group. i think i might do better on my own in many parts of my life, and this is one of them ;)