Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simplify, Elimnate

Reading a book recommended by fellow triscooper moonpie, "The 4-hour work week". I am on page 67, i think i am averaging about 6 pages a day. Not acceptable. Too busy!

But I like the way this guy thinks. Enjoy life while you are living it, don't defer your joy. Accomplish your dreams now.

A couple of things happened recently that kind of pusshed me over the edge. One of my employee's husband died suddenly. A guy in his late 40s with no apparent health issues, heart attack. And a friend of mine caught a cold and stopped posting to me on a web thingy for a day or two. One change of monumental consequence, one inconsequential change, both gave me pause. Rethinking.

Some tactics I am employing so far
  • Unsubscribed from a ton of email lists that I dont miss.
  • Bought french press and ground beans, eliminating daily 60-90 minute morning coffee/reading Starbucks timesuck
  • Chucked a bunch of 'to do' piles in my office, if i haven't gotten to those projects during 2008, i dont know why id spend time on them in 2009.
  • Moving my workspace into my adjoining conference room, where I will remain available but less subject to interruption by staff

Some things I will be looking at
  • Eliminate time sucks like gtalk, facebook,twitter. How? I am a little bit addicted :/
  • Hire people.
  • Evaluate client worthiness.

Looking forward to more time to read, train, fish, sleep.


HolisticGuru said...

You can eliminate time sucks by allotting a time to them each day. So maybe an hour a day could be spent on combined time sucks. In that hour you can go crazy on your catching up and updating and then stay away for the rest of the day. But who the heck am I to talk? :)

Javier said...

Great Post! Funny you mentioned evaluate clients. A few years ago my company did something almost unheard of, they dumped 25% of their clients. They did an analysis and decided they would rather use their resources to maintain relationships with the most profitable clients and those that were profitable but required allot of attention and care they managed off our books. The result? They were more profitable because they were able to cut the expenses tied in with maintaining the "needy" clients. and then strengthened their position with the more profitable clients at lower costs.

Now this approach may not work for everyone. Or all businesses. But I think it is worth doing an analysis. Which clients do you have are really worth the stress? In general what activities do you do that give you the most return? be it money or satisfaction?

Now that I have said that I have to do that Myself!

Jamie said...

Wait, get rid of GTalk twitter and facebook?! I liked everything ELSE in this post, but you totally lost me there.

What else is there to do? I think that is all my computer knows how to do.

Jen said...

I need this book. I also subscribe to the "if i haven touched it in six month, I don't need it."


Kolla said...

Great post!
Although I'll have to agree with keeping Twitter & Facebook around, with family and friends thousands of miles away as it is, Facebook helps me stay in touch and them to keep in touch with me!

Happy 2009, and hopefully many fantastic triathlons along the way.