Sunday, May 31, 2009


Bike from East Quogue to Orient Ferry and back, 80 flat miles averaging 17.5 miles per hour, normalized power 157 watts, average cadence 85 ,TSS 438,4:45 in motion 5:55 start to finish.

3 liters of water, 4 nuun tablets, 3 power gels, 1 power bar, 1 sports beans and 3 oranges.

The house I live in is for sale!

There's this Big Duck...

At the Orient Ferry, they wanted to charge
me a dollar to take my picture.
But I negotiated "for free"

I took a 20 minute power nap
under this Laurel tree, in Laurel.
This was a long lonely day, but
there is something to be said for
stopping and laying down
whenever you want.

Run 3 miles, 27:45

Green Salad, two grilled chicken
thighs, wilted spinach, quinoa
pasta with tomato sauce.
(Couldn't eat the salad, stuffed)


Jamie said...

Looks like a good day Rambo. Well done.

Jen said...

jealous! Are you doing it again tomorrow?

Javier said...

That looks like an awesome powernap spot