Wednesday, July 14, 2010

check in

Friday July 24, 2009

its all getting very real now. A visit to the ironman village, bought a trigger point therapy roller, just because its there. same as the 2 red foam rollers i already have, but its got some fancy textures on it and its orange. walked over and checked in for the race. Id given, weighed, waivered, spindled, folded and sent packing with a plastic bag containing special needs bags, stickers, numbers, instructions, and an ironman poster.

I met Iron Crackhead and had a pleasant talk about expectations. I have none. That sounded very odd to me, surrounded by many athletes who are just BUGGING OUT with nervous energy. I had a conversation with one young woman who was a first time ironman participant, asking me questions about the swim, for tips on managing the course, etc. Do i look like i know what im doing? I have that quality, the ability to appear calm and therefore in control, when actually in completely out of control and unmanageable situations. Interesting.

Went into town for lunch at the crepe place, then for a light run and a short swim. The Phil and Javier have arrived. The garage is looking like a bike repair shop, everyone checking cables, tuning gears, and me taping 22 power gel packets to my top tube.

Bed early tonight, 2 more sleeps.

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