Saturday, July 24, 2010

that. just. happened.

post race

as i crossed the finish line my knees buckled. The elderly woman assigned to catch me, caught me. Whats this? i am perfectly fine, my legs just gave out for no apparent reason.Ive often wondered about this, I understand better now. My body was really only along for the ride, my mind carried me over the finish line, and once that was accomplishment it simply stopped holding88 me up, and the legs took a second to get with the program and take over.

They put a medal around my neck and a cap on my head.Then I was all alone as they went on to greet the next finisher. Farrah and Gustavo came up to me and congratulated me. Gustavo looked great, he finished hours earlier and was at the finish line now greeting people. Awesome, dude. They took my photo, and i walked on to find pizza and my bike.

Pizza was all gone, but i got a soggy subway ham sandwich. Next time, guys, order more pizza please.

I went to the massage tent, they were getting ready close down. I had a little finger poking session from the massage student, nothing to write home about there. Memorable, though, was when, as i laid on my back, eyes closed, she standing at my head said "Ooops im sorry". I asked what happened. "Oh i leaned over and my breasts went in your face". Nothing to apologize about, and if you hadnt mentioned it i wouldnt have known.

This story made me laugh, very very hard

Christine and Michelle helped me with my bike and stuff back up the hill, which was much appreciated, although I really think I could have carried my stuff and both of them on my back. I swear I floated up that logn hill in front of the Crowne Plaza.

Back at the house, Phil and Javier had already finished and were hanging out. What a fantastic day. The best day ever. So far...

2009 Ironman North America
Lake Placid, New York
Bib 1977, Male 50-54, 150th of 181, 16:17:37